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Molecular and Atomic Spectroscopy is a well-established set of technologies that use the electromagnetic spectrum to generate a unique fingerprint of the molecular structure, from the atomic scale to that of molecules, proteins, mixtures, humans, cities, forests, continents and oceans. Though well-established, the Molecular and Atomic Spectroscopy market sees rapid development related to both technology (miniaturization of components using e.g. MEMS technology and massive increase of embedded processing power) and to expanding needs in its use areas (pharmacy moving from classical chemistry to synthetic biology, the need for personalized medicine, and omnipresent security and environmental surveillance).

Spectralligence objectives

The overall objective of Spectralligence is to accelerate innovation and growth of the Molecular and Atomic Spectroscopy market segments by augmenting innovations in micro-electronics and component miniaturization by cross-domain validated neural networks for spectral analysis. These industrial-grade embedded AI technologies are crucial enablers for one-click spectral characterization in materials and life sciences. Resulting implementations will advance adoption of currently highly expert-dependent applications by Cost Optimizers and Standardizers, esp. by cost-effective and easy-to-use products. Spectralligence will develop and leverage Neural Networks to augment and replace expert users in data workup for the different technologies in Molecular and Atomic Spectroscopy.